Exploring Copenhagen

Explore co-creation on Nørrebro

The social city

Tour 6.

Nørrebro is the most dense and at the same time most diverse neighborhood in Copenhagen. The need for green and recreational urban spaces are constantly craving for new and innovative contributions to the urban context. The heart of the neighborhood are beating at these precious breathing spaces. We explore the unique atmospheres on a 4 hours `pearl on a string´ biking tour of public space amongst others:

BANANNA PARK | NORD Architects + Schønherr Landskab

A unique co-created pocket park with different zoning areas and atmospheres. The much frequented park space succeeds by a strong ownership of the local residents.


As an open invitation to the surrounding multi-cultural neighborhood the 3-zoned public park forms different gathering points all tied together by the green bicycle lane.

Blågårds Plads | Ivar Bendtsen + Kai Nielsen

An early example of use of public art integrated into the layout of the public plaza tying into the urban fabric of the former workers district

Nørrebro Parken, Assistens Kirkegaard, Jægersborggade, The Lakes, Sct. Hans Torv, etc...


Private tours

All days 09.00 - 13.00 or 13.00 - 17.00
1.250 € + 25% VAT per group (max. 25 pax)

Booking by mail: info@exploringcopenhagen.dk


Rådmandsgade 33,
2200 København N.
Bring your own bike.
The tour last 4 hours.

Debate: How can we co-create the city together?