Exploring Copenhagen

Exploring Copenhagen, the book

brings together multi-disciplinary design advocates sharing their personal experiences, reflections, and visions for Copenhagen to engage city stakeholders in ensuring people-first, sustainable city development. The stories explore the role of design as a tool to understand the global reach of Copenhagen’s everyday livability.

"It is our vision to create a platform where visitors can learn from Copenhagen’s holistic planning approach and in turn become advocates for quality urban design solutions at home. When we advocate for an authentic user-experience as a visitor, we gain added-value for our own local experience as an everyday user. We help decision makers make better cities, and that includes you!”

- Bo Christiansen (Founder, Scaledenmark)

Exploring Copenhagen, the book

is published in cooperation with Scaledenmark, an architecture and urban design consultancy based in the Danish capital. The goal of this book is to provide insight into Copenhagen’s best practice solutions through first-hand, local knowledge of the city through past and present. Whether you are a tourist, student, designer, decision-maker, or urban enthusiast - we invite you to explore the city through the eyes of a local, and become inspired by the progressive ideas and development behind Copenhagen’s model for green growth.

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Copenhagen dialogues

the twelve chapters of the book relate to the twelve months. Therefore we create monthly events discussing the evolution of the particular neighborhood. This was done deliberately to create an ongoing dialogue about the city. In this way the book became a platform for discussion, food for thought to start from, and is not written in stone. The city evolves daily and it is important to keep sharing knowledge on past, present and future.