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Tour 10.


Amager east is a former industrial landscape of Copenhagen. The transformation of the neglected coastal area has been converted into an important new green and blue recreational lung with a thriving new neighborhood with landmark towers and low and dense townhouses. Recently the opening of Copenhagens waste-to-energy plant with recreational programs has transformed the industrial into social venue. We explore the unique sumbiosis on a 4 hours biking tour through new transformations and temporary projects amongst others:

Copenhill I BIG Bjarke Ingels Group

The landmark construction of an artificial ski slope with hiking paths on the gigantic slanting roof of this waste-to-energy power plant in an unknown part of Copenhagen are calling for global attention in an yet unseen way. Amager Bakke is the crown jewel of this one of a kind which co-creates the progressive visions of Amager Resource Center with an iconic, multifunctional landmark building meant to attract everything from locals and tourists to sports extremists.

Amager Strand

The man-made beach Amager Strandpark is a unique combination of natural surroundings and big-city atmosphere, has transformed the once neglected part of Copenhagen into a kind of best of several worlds of living and recreations unseen at these shores. Copenhagen’s Amager district is undergoing a speedy change, crowned by a new skyline visibly from its beach area of Amager Beach Park – Amager Strandpark. The beach is a two-kilometre-long artificial island forming a lagoon, with shallow and calm waters on one side and a sandy beaches on the other. Year round the area is popular for both sunbathing and relaxation, as well as for sports activities.

Kastrup Seabath I White Architects

Kastrup Seabath is a unique combination offering both a refreshing dip in the summer heat as well as an extraordinary aesthetic experience. With the shape of a conch shell retrieved from the seabed, the beautiful Kastrup Seabath overlooks the Sound. The placement of the bath from the beach is 100 meters out into the Sound, where the water depth allows jumps for the brave.

Blue Planet I 3XN

Denmarks National Aquarium on the Øresund coast leads visitors deep under the surface of the sea in a spectacular building whose design was inspired by the movement of water.

Ferring I Foster & Partners

Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S occupies a pivotal waterfront position alongside the Øresund next to Copenhagen International Airport. The building offers fantastic views towards Malmö and the Swedish coast home of its foundation. The building appears on a large plinth which acts as the first line of defense against potential floods.


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Meet at The Bridge Streetkitchen
Bring your own bike.
The tour last 4 hours.
Coffee break at Cafè Baaden.

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