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february // nordvest
Dani Hill
Associate Architect at Lobo Lab. Arkitektur

Dani Hill is an American architect and educator who first found her way to Copenhagen through a semester abroad with DIS – Study Abroad in Scandinavia. After receiving her Masters in Architecture from Taliesin the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, she moved to Copenhagen to bridge pedagogy and practice through her work at DIS as a program coordinator and as an Associate Architect at Lobo Lab Arkitektur. 


She has built a diverse professional portfolio within detail preservation work, interior design, housing, and public programming. As an expat and Nordvest citizen, Dani hopes to translate her personal history in Nordvest – along with the many stories of expats in the melting pot of Copenhagen – to understand the past, present and future dynamics of Nordvest from an urban planning and cultural perspective. 


Thursday, February 28
16 – 17:30
Biblioteket Rentemestervej
Rentemestervej 76, 2400 Copenhagen

Nordvest Dialogues

Dani Hill

A HOME: how do we see expats as a resource in urban planning?

Copenhagen's Nordvest district is a neighborhood of contrasts, recognized for prized architectural landmarks and picturesque green spaces while often earning the reputation as a neighborhood with great social and economic problems.

But Nordvest deserves a closer look, and a continued directive from its residents for future sustainable urban planning initiatives. As home to an immigrant population more than double the concentration of inner Copenhagen, it's multi-ethnic diversity has transformed the vision for area renewal strategies - built from citizen-driven development with respect for Nordvest's inherent culture, history and architecture.

Let's explore the possibilities for Nordvest's future through constructive citizen dialogue!

This event provides a platform to learn more about Nordvest through the lens of expat storytellers as they reflect on Copenhagen becoming their home.