Exploring Copenhagen

april // copenhagen mobility
Claus Hedegaard Forti Knudsen
Copenhagen Municipality
special guests
Klaus Bondam
Director, Cyklistforbundet
Freya Sinding
Hotel Manager, Hotel Astoria
Søren Arildskov
Associate partner, Hauxner
Thursday, April 25
15:00 – 17:30
Hotel Astoria, ground floor restaurant
Banegårdspladsen 4
1570 København

Copenhagen Mobility Dialogues

Claus Hedegaard Forti Knudsen
& special guests Klaus Bondam, Freya Sinding
and Søren Arildskov

How do we co-create bicycle storage in the city?

By international standards, Copenhagen is on the way to being the world’s best city for cyclists. We have invested a lot in our bicycle infrastructure, and it is forecasted that bicycle traffic will increase by 25% from 2014-2025.

But what about the critical interfaces in the city when we need to park our bikes? Are we also a leader or the ‘world’s best’ by bicycle parking standards, too?

It is an interesting dilemma, that as a world class city for cyclists, Copenhagen is lacking the necessary parking infrastructure that would improve capacity, efficiency, and added-value to our prized bicycle city.

Join us to discuss Copenhagen’s future in bicycle innovation! How can we accommodate bicycle parking while offering high-functioning design, new recreational functions, and the power of citizen leadership to benefit our urban landscape?