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Tour 1.

Østerbro is an excellent example of creating a healthy city, where the social and physical environment are constantly being improved. The climate change is used as a momentum to create more resilient and social urban spaces. During a 2,5 hour bike tour we will address amongst others:

Tåsinge square | GHB

A well-designed urban space uses sculptural objects to illustrate its functionality: containing and cleaning water run-off.

Charlottehaven | SLA - Lungaard & Tranberg

Five building layers with mixed functions enclose a garden filled with plants who tell the story of the nearby sea.

Sankt Kjelds plads | SLA

The asphalt of an urban and traffic space is where possible replaced by greenery, assisting the area in their rainwater management.

Mærsk tower, Brumleby, Fælledparken, etc...


Public tours

When announced
300 DKK per person
(student discount available)
Find dates and tickets on billetto

Private tours

Weekdays 09.30 - 12.00 or 14.00 - 16.30
1750 DKK + 25% VAT per group (max. 5 persons)
 350 DKK + 25% VAT per extra person
Booking by mail: info@exploringcopenhagen.dk


Meet at Vibenshus Runddel Metro Station
Bring your own bike
Break at coffee bar Riccos

Debate: How does climate change foster more resilient and social urban spaces?

We believe that sharing stories and knowledge creates agency for the further development of Copenhagen.



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